Our Team

Nothing works without a good team.

Our travel blog has now reached a size where we (Caro & Martin) can no longer do everything alone. We already had to learn that we have to hand over certain things.

Besides, there are great people who already bring special skills. You can’t be a professional in every field.

Every now and then we need help with projects or organizational things. And in the meantime we have a great team that actively supports us.

A big thank you from us at this point!

Shaolin Tran


Moment collector & adventurer.
Filmmaker from Wiesbaden.

Shao is, maybe also because of his origin Vietnam, a big Asia fan. Enthusiastic about the good food, the great beaches and the warm culture, he likes to be adventurous and explore waterfalls in the middle of the jungle or undiscovered places. There he quickly stays for a few hours to capture the perfect shots. If he’s not drawn to faraway places, he’s more often on city trips.

Shao has already edited many films for WE TRAVEL THE WORLD such as The Beauty of Kyrgyzstan, The Beauty of the Seychelles or 13 Reasons to Explore the Saale-Unstrut Region.

Piet Fischer


Copywriter & photo enthusiast.
Communication designer from Krefeld on the Lower Rhine.

When it comes to Piet, it’s minimalist through untouched nature. With a backpack on his back, a tent in his luggage and his finger on the shutter release, he hiked through Scotland, struggled penniless to the Mediterranean in Spain, England and Norway. And he also likes to travel to exotic countries like Jordan or Antarctica.
Hotel vacation? No thanks. Then rather rain in Scotland – or survival training on the Amazon!

Joachim Steig

WE TRAVEL THE WORLD Team Joachim Steig

Family Person.
Retired lawyer.

Joachim is Carolin’s dad and is still (barely) from the first half of the last century. His perspective on the world with all its trimmings is a good addition to us and his advice is always appreciated. His passion for travel gripped him at a young age, and he couldn’t pass a map by. His favorite subject to write about is Germany, which he has been crisscrossing by bicycle for 40 years. His motto: Germany is beautiful everywhere!

Joe has already written articles about Bamberg, Lübeck, Regensburg and Görlitz.

Michelle Heim

WE TRAVEL THE WORLD Team Michelle Heim

Psychology Student (M. Sc.) from Wuppertal

Michelle’s great love for psychology can be wonderfully combined with her passion for traveling. The world is full of interesting people and with every encounter and every conversation you always learn something about yourself.

She likes challenges and takes every opportunity to see as much of the world as possible. When traveling, she likes to leave her comfort zone and travel with little luggage. For example, with hand luggage through almost all climate zones in South America!

With her organizational talent she supports WE TRAVEL THE WORLD behind the scenes.