About us

We would like to take a second to introduce ourselves to you. Then you know who is actually writing here: We are Caro & Martin and it all started with a crazy idea in 2012.

“Let’s take a trip around the world” Martin said to me back then. And you can say what happened then is more or less history:

In 2013 we quit our jobs, founded our travel blog WE TRAVEL THE WORLD, packed our backpacks and set off to discover the world. Our plan: once around the world!

And for all our friends and family at home, we diligently fed our travel blog. Back then we would have never imagined, that one day this will be our fulltime job!

What a crazy Adventure!

We did a Harlem Shake on an active volcano at 5000m, snorkeled with turtles and sharks on the Great Barrier Reef and swung on the world’s most dangerous swing. We’ve hiked through Mordor in the footsteps of Frodo and Sam, spotted a cougar in the wild, and learned to surf along with crocodiles.

We got engaged in Fiji, bought wedding rings in New Zealand, had matching clothes tailored in Vietnam and experienced so much more!

That one day our reports would reach so many people, was unimaginable to us. In the meantime, over 200,000 people visit our blog every month! When we returned home after 10 months and countless unforgettable adventures, it was clear that we wanted to continue the blog.

The Journey of our Lifetime – In 700 Selfies around the World

How things went after our world trip

For Caro, however, it was first back to a permanent position as a project manager in a digital agency. Martin started his own business as a designer. But our passion for traveling and writing remained and grew even more.

In 2017, we reached the point where Caro quit her job after a long struggle, following the motto “all or nothing”. You can read the whole story here. Since then, we as travel bloggers put all our energy into this blog. In the meantime, we have already self-published several books about travel and more will surely follow.

We hope you like our blog and would be happy if you leave us a comment below one of the articles! You also want to make a world trip? Here you will find everything you need to know!